Metacog was founded with a vision of helping companies leverage the significance of their Intellectual Property (IP) and gain competitive advantage and profitability.

We deeply believe that there is huge potential in intangible assets, specifically patents. Many organizations perceive Intellectual Property to be of importance only when they anticipate litigation, either asserted by them, or forced upon by a competitor, or in the event of violation of a contractual agreement. Further, most of the technology-based companies understand Intellectual Property, support R&D, and own portfolios of cutting-edge technologies. Despite this, it has been observed that their Intellectual Property usually lies unasserted and unlicensed.

This is what makes a starting point for us. We understand it is not easy to partner with firms with intent to inspire them to make most of their IP assets, thereby helping them grow. Therefore, to earn their trust is our paramount objective. To this end, we aim to initially assist our clients with fundamental IP solutions customized as per their needs. In its broadest sense, these solutions would primarily include – IP Practice and Deterring Support, IP Enforcement Support and IP Audit Support. Greatly based upon how much we succeed in helping our clients solve complex problems though our creative solutions, we then collaborate with clients to deepen the relationship and translate it to a level where we assist them leverage their Intellectual Property to competitive edge and profitability.




Jagat Bisht


Jagat Bisht is responsible for Metacog’s business development and client engagement for technology firms, law firms, and universities. His experience involves matters concerning technology scouting, licensing, enforcement and litigation support. His technical areas of expertise include wireless and mobile communication, networking, internet technologies, software, mobile OS, and image processing.
Jagat has over seven years of IP experience and holds a masters degree in image processing with a published literature at IEEE, and bachelors in electronics engineering. He has undergone extensive training in US and EP patent law from various attorneys and has received certifications from WIPO.

Neeru Chaudhary

Neeru Chaudhary is responsible for Metacog’s patent service operation. She is also a registered patent agent with the Indian Patent Office (IPO).
Neeru has managed cross-functional teams that worked extensively with US patent assertion firms, Fortune 100 consumer electronics companies, and the UK based telecommunication service provider. She provides strategic support for patent services including validity searches, novelty searches, FTOs, patent portfolio mining, technology scouting, patent prosecution support, invalidity contention charts, and licensing/litigation support (claim charting/EOUs).
She holds bachelors in Information Technology and has received certifications from WIPO and Coursera.